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T M Song
T'es O.K. (You're O.K.) [French Version]
T.V. Times
Table Manners
Tables Overturn
Tadeusz (1912-1988)
Tainted Love
Take A Chance
Take A Chance On Me
Take A Chance On Me [Live]
Take A Chance With Me
Take A Giant Step
Take A Heart
Take A Hold Of Yourself
Take A Little Time
Take A Look
Take A Look Around
Take A Message To Mary
Take A Number
Take A Ride
Take A Tip
Take Away
Take Away The Heartaches
Take Care Of You For Me
Take Care Of Yourself
Take Five
Take Four [EP]
Take Good Care Of Her
Take Good Care Of My Baby
Take Good Care Of Your Children
Take Good Care Of Yourself
Take It All Away
Take It Away
Take It Easy
Take It From Me
Take It On The Run
Take It Or Leave It
Take It To The Limit
Take It To The Sky
Take It To The Top
Take It To The Top (Climbing)
Take Love Give Love
Take Me Away
Take Me Back
Take Me Back Again
Take Me Back Baby
Take Me Bak 'Ome
Take Me Down To The Ocean
Take Me For A Little While
Take Me For What I'm Worth
Take Me Girl, I'm Ready
Take Me High
Take Me Home
Take Me Home Country Roads
Take Me I'm Yours
Take Me I'm Yours [Live]
Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)
Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me
Take Me To Aruanda
Take Me To The Mardi Gras
Take Me To The Next Phase [Parts 1 & 2]
Take Me To The Place (for Oscar Marzaroli 1933-1988)
Take Me To The Stars
Take Me To Your Heart
Take Me To Your Heart Again
Take Me Tonight
Take Me With U
Take Me With You
Take My Breath Away (Love Theme From 'Top Gun')
Take My Hand
Take My Hand Precious Lord
Take My Heart
Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It)
Take My Lips
Take My Number
Take My Time
Take On Me
Take On The World
Take Suki Home
Take That Look Off Your Face
Take That Situation
Take That To The Bank
Take The Short Way Home
Take These Chains From My Heart
Take This Love Of Mine
Take To The Mountains
Take You On A Saturday
Take Your Mama For A Ride (Part 1)
Take Your Mama For A Ride (Part 2)
Take Your Pain Away
Take Your Time
Take Your Time (Do It Right)
Take Your Time (Do It Right) [Part 1]
Take Your Time (Do It Right) [Part 2]
Take-A My Tip
Takes A Little Time
Takes A Little Time [Mirage Style]
Takes Two To Tango
Takin' A Chance On You
Takin' It Back
Takin' It On Uptown
Takin' Me Higher
Takin' My Love
Taking Islands In Africa [Remix]
Taking It All Too Hard
Taking Sides Again
Taking The Long Way Home
Taking The Veil
Taking Your Chances
Talent On The Make
Tales From The Riverbank
Tales Of Brave Ulysses
Talk Dirty To Me
Talk Don't Bother Me
Talk Is Cheap
Talk Me Up
Talk Of The Town
Talk Talk
Talk Talk Talk
Talk Talk [Re-Mix]
Talk To Me
Talk To Me [Part 1]
Talk To Me [Part 2]
Talk To You
Talk, Talk, Talk
Talkin' 'bout You
Talkin' All That Jazz
Talkin' All That Jazz [Dominoes Vocal]
Talkin' In My Sleep
Talkin' Woman
Talking 'Bout Love
Talking Back To The Night [Instrumental]
Talking D.J. Blues
Talking Her Round
Talking In My Sleep
Talking In The Dark — Wednesday Week
Talking In Your Sleep
Talking Loud And Clear
Talking Of Love
Talking To The Wall
Talkng Guitar Blues
Tall Dark Stranger
Tall Story
Tall Texan
TallaHassee Lassie
Tally Ho
Tam-Tam Pour L'Ethiopie
Tango '65
Tango In Mono
Tantalise (Wo Wo Ee Yeh Yeh)
Tao Te Ching
Tap Turns On The Water
Tara's Theme From 'Gone With The Wind'
Tarrier Song
Tarzan Boy
Tarzan Boy [Club Mix]
Taste Of Bitter Love
Taste Of Cindy [Recorded Live In Detroit]
Tasty Love
Tasty Love [Instrumental]
Tattoed Love Boys
Tavern In The Town
Taxi Town
Tchaikovsky One
Te Amo
Tea For Two Cha Cha
Tea In The Sahara [Live]
Teach Me To Twist
Teach Me Tonight
Teach You To Rock
Teacher's Pet
Teacher, Teacher
Tear Down The Mountain
Tear It Down
Tear It Up
Tear Me Apart
Tear Soup
Tear Ya Down
Teardrop City
Teardrops Fall Like Rain
Teardrops In Your Eyes
Teardrops [Remix]
Tearin' Down The Walls
Tearing Us Apart
Tears Are Falling
Tears Are Not Enough
Tears From Heaven
Tears I Cried
Tears In The Wind
Tears Of A Clown
Tears On My Pillow (I Can't Take It)
Tears On The Telephone
Tears Roll Down
Tears Run Rings
Tears Won't Wash Away These Heartaches
Tears [The Classic Instrumental Edit]
Tears [The Classic Vocal Edit]
Tease Me
Teaser [Edit]
Teatime In Tokyo
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear [Instrumental Version]
Teddy Bear's Last Ride
Teddy Love
Teddy The Dink
Tedesco And Pitman
Teen Angel
Teen Beat
Teen Canteen
Teenage Depression
Teenage Dream
Teenage Dreamer
Teenage Idol
Teenage Jail
Teenage Kicks
Teenage Lament '74
Teenage Love Affair
Teenage Party
Teenage Rampage
Teenage Tears
Teenage Warning
Teenagers' Mother
Teeny Bopper Song
Teeter Totter Love
Telegram Sam
Telegraph Your Love
Telegraph [Live]
Telephone Baby
Telephone Line
Telephone Man
Telephone Operator
Television Man
Tell Everyone/Done This Before
Tell Her About It
Tell Her I'm Not Home
Tell Her No
Tell Her You Love Her
Tell Him
Tell It On The Mountain
Tell It To My Heart
Tell It To My Heart [Instrumental Version]
Tell It To The Rain
Tell Laura I Love Her
Tell Me
Tell Me (How It Feels)
Tell Me (How It Feels) [Dub]
Tell Me (it's Not Over)
Tell Me A Story
Tell Me Baby
Tell Me Girl
Tell Me Have You Ever Seen Me
Tell Me How
Tell Me How You Care
Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' (Too Good To Be True)
Tell Me Now
Tell Me On A Sunday
Tell Me One More Time
Tell Me That You Love Me
Tell Me To My Face
Tell Me Tomorrow
Tell Me Tomorrow [Part 1]
Tell Me Tomorrow [Part 2]
Tell Me What He Said
Tell Me What You See
Tell Me What You Want
Tell Me What You Want [Dub Mix]
Tell Me When
Tell Me When The Fever Ended [7'' Edit]
Tell Me When The Fever Ended [Instrumental]
Tell Me When We'll Meet Again
Tell Me Where You Are
Tell Me Why
Tell Me, Tell Me
Tell Somebody You Know
Tell Tale Signs
Tell That Girl To Shut Up
Tell The Boys
Tell The Children
Tell The World
Temma Harbour
Temporary Beauty
Ten Cents A Dance
Ten Commandments
Ten Guitars
Ten Swingin' Bottles
Ten Thousand Miles
Ten Years After on Strawberry Jam
Tender Are The Ashes
Tender Falls The Rain
Tender Hands [Remix]
Tender Is The Night
Tender Love
Tender Mercy
Tenderly Yours
Tenderness Is His Way
Tennessee Owns My Soul
Tennessee Saturday Night
Tennessee Wig Walk
Tenpole 45
Tequila [Instrumental]
Terminal Frost
Terror Couple Kill Colonel [Recorded Live In Paris]
Terry's Theme From 'LimeLight'
Tesla Girls
Test Of Time [Radio Version]
Test Of Time [Timeless Piano Version]
Test Tape No. 3
Thank God It's Christmas
Thank The Lord
Thank U Very Much
Thank You
Thank You Baby
Thank You Baby For Myself
Thank You For A Good Year
Thank You For Being A Friend
Thank You For Being You
Thank You For Telling Me 'Bout Christmas
Thank You For The Music
Thank You For The Party
Thank You Girl
Thank You Mr D J
Thank You My Love
Thank You, Merci
Thanks A Lot
Thanks For My Child
Thanks For Saving My Life
Thanks For The Memory (Wham Bam Thank You Mam)
Thanks For The Night
That Brilliant Feeling #1
That Certain Smile
That Don't Shake Me
That Girl
That Girl (Groovy Situation)
That Girl Belongs To Yesterday
That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
That Kinda Talk
That Lady
That Lady (Part 2)
That Lucky Old Sun
That Makes It Tough
That Means A Lot
That Noise
That Old Black Magic
That Old Time Feelin'
That Ole Devil Called Love
That Promise
That Same Old Feeling
That Same Old Song
That Was Then But This Is Now
That Was Then, This Is Now
That Was Yesterday [Remix]
That'll Be The Day
That'll Do Nicely
That's A Fact
That's A Man's Way
That's A Sad Affair
That's All
That's All I Want From You
That's All She Wrote
That's All There Is To That
That's All You Gotta Do
That's Alright
That's Amore
That's Enough For Me
That's Entertainment
That's How A Love Song Was Born
That's How Heartaches Are Made
That's How I'm Living
That's How Much
That's How Much I Love You
That's How Strong My Love Is
That's How We Do It In L.A.
That's If You Love Me
That's It
That's Life
That's Living Alright
That's Love
That's Love, That It Is
That's Me
That's My Desire
That's My Doll
That's My Girl
That's My Home
That's My Impression
That's Nice
That's No Way To Treat My Love
That's Not All
That's Old Fashioned
That's Only What They Say
That's Really Some Good
That's Right
That's Someone You Never Forget
That's The Joint
That's The Way
That's The Way (I Like It)
That's The Way God Planned It
That's The Way I Feel
That's The Way I Wanna Rock 'N' Roll
That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be
That's The Way It Feels
That's The Way It Is
That's The Way Love Goes
That's The Way Love Is
That's The Way Love Is [Deep House Mix]
That's The Way Love Is [Underground Mix / Edited Version]
That's The Way The Money Goes
That's The Way To Do It
That's The Way [Recorded Live]
That's What Friends Are For
That's What God Looks Like To Me
That's What I Call Love
That's What I Like About You
That's What I Like [Radio Mix]
That's What I Thought
That's What I Want
That's What I Want To Be
That's What I Wish For Christmas
That's What Life Is All About
That's What Little Girls Are Made For
That's What Love Will Do
That's What They Say
That's What You Get
That's What You Get (For Being Polite)
That's When I Cried
That's When I Think Of You
That's When The Music Takes Me
That's When Your Heartaches Begin
That's Where The Happy People Go
That's Where The Happy People Go (Disco Version)
That's Why I Love You
That's Why I'm Crying
That's You
The $5.98 EP - Garage Days Re-visited [EP]
The 17th Floor
The 4 Marys Go Go Dance All Night At The Groovy Cellar
The 900 Number
The A Team
The Adventures Of The Love Crusader
The Air That I Breathe
The Alibi
The American
The Amsterdam [EP]
The Analog Kid
The Answer
The Anvil [Remix]
The Apartment Song
The Apple Stretching
The Arms Of Orion
The Art Of Parties
The Art Of Parties [Version]
The B Side
The Back Of Love
The Backside
The Backstabbers
The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
The Ballad Of Mack The Knife
The Ballad Of Mary Lou
The Ballroom Of Romance
The Banging In Your Head
The Battle March Medley
The Beach
The Beat Is Mine
The Beat Is Mine [Instrumental]
The Beat(en) Generation
The Beatles Movie Medley
The Bed's Too Big Without You
The Bell In The Sea
The Belle Of St. Mark
The Bells Of Rhymney
The Best
The Best Days Of My Life
The Best Is Yet To Come
The Best Of Me
The Best Of My Love
The Best Of Times
The Best Was Yet To Come
The Big Bean
The Big Boss Groove [Live] — You're The Best Thing [Live]
The Big Chair
The Big Heat
The Big Log
The Big Money
The Big One
The Big Sky
The Big Sweep
The Bird And The Child
The Birth Of The Odyssey — Monkey Magic
The Bitch
The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)
The Blacksmith
The Blood That Moves The Body
The Blue Sky [Demo Version]
The Body Electric
The Bog-Eyed Jog
The Bog-Eyed Jog [Instrumental]
The Boiler
The Bomb
The Boom Boom Room
The Boss
The Bottom Line
The Boy Could Dance
The Boy From New York City
The Boy Hairdresser
The Boy In The Bubble [Remix]
The Boy Is Dropped
The Boy Who Came Back
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
The Boys Are Back In Town
The Boys In Blue
The Boys In Old Brighton Blue
The Boys Of Summer
The Breaks
The Breaks [Instrumental]
The Breaks [Vocal]
The Bridge
The Bridge [Instrumental Version]
The British Way Of Life
The Broken Years
The Brutality Of Fact
The Bucket Of Water Song
The Burning Necklace
The Business
The Butterfly Collector
The Cabaret
The Cage
The Calendar Song (January, February, March, April, May)
The Call Up
The Captain Of Her Heart
The Caribbean Disco Show
The Caterpillar
The Celtic Soul Brothers
The Celtic Soul Brothers (More, Please, Thankyou)
The Champ
The Chant Has Begun [Edited Version]
The Chant Has Just Begun
The Charge [Live]
The Chase
The Chauffeur (Blue Silver)
The Chicken Song
The Chief
The Chieftan / The Dancer [Live]
The Chinese Way
The Chosen Few
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
The Christmas [EP]
The Circus
The Circus [Decay Mix]
The City Of The Dead
The Clairvoyant
The Clap Clap Sound
The Clapping Song
The Clapping Song [EP]
The Closer I Get To You
The Closest One
The Clown
The Cockney Kids Are Innocent
The Colour Of Love
The Colour Of Love [Instrumental]
The Colourfield
The Colours [Remix]
The Comedians
The Conflict
The Cost — The Cost Of Loving
The Cost Of Living [EP]
The Country Of The Blind
The Crack
The Creature From The Black Lagoon
The Crown [Instrumental]
The Crown [Vocal]
The Crunch [Part 1]
The Crunch [Part 2]
The Cutter
The Dance Of Life
The Danger Of A Stranger
The Day Before You Came
The Day The Earth Caught Fire
The Day The World Turned Dayglo
The Dead Heart
The Dead Next Door
The Death Of Mr. Ping Pong
The Death of The Last Unicorn
The Deceiver
The Decline Of The West
The Deep Piano House
The Deserter
The Devil In Miss Jones
The Devil Went Down To Georgia
The Diary Of Horace Wimp
The Disco Strangler
The Doctor
The Doves
The Downtown Lights
The Dream
The Dreaming
The Dreams Of Children
The Earth Dies Screaming
The Ecstasy Of Flight (I Love The Night)
The Edge Of Heaven
The Edge Of Heaven — Wham Rap ['86] — Battlestations
The Elephant's Graveyard (Guilty)
The Elvis Medley
The Empty Bullring
The End Of Love
The End Of The Game
The End Of The Innocence
The End... Or The Beginning?
The English Roses
The Essential Wally Party Medley
The Eton Rifles
The Eve Of The War
The Evil That Men Do
The Experience Of Swimming — The Width Of A Room — Burning Bridges
The Exploding Boy
The Eyes Have It
The Faces [EP]
The Facts Of Love
The Fear
The Fighting Machine
The Final Bell
The Final Countdown
The Finest
The First Man You Remember
The First Picture Of You
The First Stone
The First Time
The First Time [Instrumental]
The Flame Trees Of Thika
The Flame [Remix]
The Flash Lad
The Flirting Kind
The Floral Dance
The Flowers Of Romansk
The Food Christmas [EP]
The Forest March
The Four Of Us
The Fourth Man
The Fourth Sunday
The Free [EP]
The Freedom Eights
The Freeze
The Freeze [Special Mix]
The Friends Again [EP]
The Friends Of Mr. Cairo
The Funeral (September 25th, 1977)
The Funrama Theme
The Fuse
The Future (Edition 2)
The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades
The Game
The Game Of Love
The Garden [Instrumental]
The Gay Cavalieros (The Story So Far)
The Ghost In You
The Ghost Of Love
The Gift [Instrumental]
The Girl (Can't Help It)
The Girl From Ipanema
The Girl Is A Fox
The Girl Is Mine
The Glow
The Glow Of Love
The Goblin Party — Jolly Old Santa
The God Save The Queen Symphony — Watcha Gonna Do About It
The Golden Lady
The Golden Years Live [EP]
The Goldstone Rap
The Good The Bad And The Ugly
The Grantham Groover
The Great Depression
The Great Outdoors!
The Great Pretender
The Great Rock N' Roll Swindle
The Great Train Robbery
The Great Train Robbery [Dub Mix]
The Greatest Cockney Rip-Off
The Greatest Love Of All
The Greatness And Perfection Of Love
The Groove
The Groove Line
The Handsome Cabin Boy
The Handyman Song (Ted Glen)
The Hanging Garden
The Happening
The Happy Man [New Version]
The Harder I Try
The Harder They Come
The Harder They Come [Instrumental]
The Harper — I'm Waiting For The Man
The Haunt
The Heart And Soul [EP]
The Heart Of Love
The Heart Of Rock And Roll
The Heat Is On
The Heaven I Need
The Helium Song (Spaced Walking)
The Hero's Return [Parts I and II]
The History Of The World [Part 1]
The Homies [On Tilt Mix]
The Homing Waltz
The Honeydripper
The Honeythief
The Hop
The Horse
The House Is Haunted (By The Echo Of Your Last Goodbye)
The House Of The Rising Sun
The House That Jack Built
The House You Live In
The Hunt
The Hunted Child
The Hurricane Sessions (My Land Your Land)
The Hustler
The Ice Is Melting
The Image Is
The Ink In The Well
The Inner Light
The Instigator [Italian Fuzzbox Version]
The Invisible Man
The Irish Rover
The Jack That House Built
The Jack That House Dubbed
The Jogger's Song
The Joker (The Wigan Joker)
The Journey
The Judgement Is The Mirror
The Jungle Line [Live]
The Kids Are Back
The Kids Are Back [Live]
The Killing Jar
The Killing Moon
The King Has Lost His Crown
The King Is Dead
The King Is Here
The King Of Rock 'N Roll
The Kiss Of Death
The Krush Brothers LSD Edit
The L. A. Run
The Lady In Red
The Lady Loves Me
The Land Of Fantasy
The Land Of Make Believe
The Last Beat Of My Heart
The Last Domino
The Last Farewell
The Last Film
The Last In Line [Live]
The Last Kiss
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
The Last Of The Wicked Romancers
The Last One To Know
The Last One To Leave
The Last Time
The Last Time [Live Version]
The Lebanon
The Letter
The Lewis Carol
The Liam McCoy
The Life
The Lifeboat Party
The Light Is On
The Limerick Rake
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
The Lion's Mouth
The Little Shoemaker (Le Petit Cordonnier)
The Live [EP]
The Living Actor
The Living Daylights
The Living Daylights [Instrumental]
The Living Years
The Loco-Motion
The Locomotion
The Lodgers
The Logical Song
The Lone Ranger
The Loneliest Man In The World
The Loner
The Long Race
The Long Run
The Longest Time
The Look
The Look Of Love
The Look Of Love [Live]
The Look Of Love [LP Version]
The Look Of Love [Part 2]
The Lord's Prayer
The Lotus Eaters
The Love Cats
The Love Parade
The Lover In Me
The Lover In Me [Instrumental]
The Lover In You [Instrumental]
The Lover In You [Vocal]
The Lovers
The Lovers [Instrumental]
The Lucky One
The Lunacy Legacy
The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum)
The M*A*S*H March
The Mack Daddy On The Left
The Madding Crowd
The Maelstrom
The Magic Flute Smurf
The Magnificent Dance
The Magnificent Seven
The Main Thing [Remix]
The Man
The Man In My Mirror
The Man Who Came In From The Beano
The Man Who Knew The Answer
The Man Who Loved To Dance
The Man Who Never Died
The Man With The Child In His Eyes
The Man With The Horn
The Marauders
The Meaning Of Christmas
The Meaning Of Christmas [Version]
The Meaning Of Love
The Medal Song
The Medicine Song [Instruments And Voice]
The Medicine Song [Instruments Only]
The Megamelle Mix
The Meninblack (Waiting For 'Em)
The Message
The Message Is Love
The Message Is Love [Cupid Mix]
The Message [Instrumental]
The Message [Vocal]
The Mews
The Microphone Fiend
The Midi Dance
The Mighty Power Of Love
The Mighty Ship
The Miracle
The Miracle Of Love
The Model
The Modern World
The Monkees [EP]
The Mood I'm In
The More I See (The Less I Believe)
The More The Change
The More They Knock The More I Love You
The More They Knock The More I Love You [Instrumental]
The More You Live, The More You Love
The Morning Of Our Lives
The Morning Side
The Motion Of Love
The Motive
The Mountains Of Mourne
The Munich Thing
The Muppet Show Music Hall [EP]
The Music Of Goodbye (Love Theme From Out Of Africa)
The Music Of The Night
The Music Of Torvill And Dean [EP]
The Mystery Song — Love Me
The Name Of The Game
The New Song
The Night Time Is The Right Time
The Night You Murdered Love
The Night, The Wine And The Roses
The Night, The Wine And The Roses [Instrumental]
The Noah Plan
The Number Of The Beast
The Number One Song In Heaven
The Number One Song In Heaven [Long Version]
The Offer
The Old Man And The Angel
The Old Rocking Chair
The Old Songs
The One
The One And Only
The One I Love
The Only Flame In Town
The Only Mistake
The Only One
The Only Way Is Up
The Only Way Out
The Opera House
The Opera House [African Mix]
The Original Bird Dance
The Other Side Of Grey
The Other Side Of Love
The Other Side Of The Rainbow
The Other Side Of The Sun
The Other Side Of You
The Other Woman The Other Man
The Overture
The Paris Match
The Parting Song (From The Time We Say Goodbye)
The Party
The Party [Accapella]
The Party's Over
The Passenger
The Passion Of Lovers
The Patriot Game
The Payback Mix [Part One]
The Peel Sessions (1st June 1982) [EP]
The Perfect Crime
The Perfect Kiss
The Perfumed Garden Of Gulliver Smith
The Phantom Of The Opera
The Pink Parker [EP]
The Piper
The Plastic Age
The Playback [Edit]
The Politics Of Dancing
The Portrait
The Power Is Yours
The Power Of Love
The Power Of Love [Orchestral Remix]
The Power Of Love [Remix]
The Pressure Will Blow
The Prey
The Price Of Love [The R&B '89 Remix]
The Prince
The Prisoner
The Prisoner [Live]
The Promise
The Promise (The Dolphin Song)
The Promise You Made
The Promise [Dub]
The Pump Rooms Of Bath
The Quarter Moon
The Queen And The Soldier
The Queen's Birthday Song
The Quiet One
The R'N'B Party Four [EP]
The Race
The Race Is On
The Race [Sporting Mix] — Another Race [Magician's Version For Tempest And Cottet]
The Race [Video Mix]
The Raggle Taggle Gypsy [Live]
The Rain
The Raindance
The Rare Ould Mountain Dew
The Rattler
The Raw Side
The Real Me
The Real Thing
The Real Thing [Acapella Mix]
The Real Wild House [Radio Mix]
The Reason
The Red Flag
The Red Plains
The Red Plains [Special Live Version]
The Red Weed
The Red, Red Groovy
The Reflex
The Return Of The Electric Warrior [EP]
The Return of The Handsome Rugged Man
The Return Of The Los Palmas 7
The Rhythm Divine
The Rhythm Of The Jungle
The Riddle
The Ride
The Right Stuff
The Right Stuff [7'' Norman Cook Re-Mix]
The Right Stuff [Brooklyn Mix]
The Right Stuff [Edited Version]
The Right Thing
The Right Time For Us
The Risen Lord
The River
The River [Instrumental]
The Road
The Road To Hell [Part 2]
The Robbery [Excerpt]
The Rock [LP Version]
The Romance Of The Telescope (Unfinished)
The Roof Is Leaking
The Runaway
The Runner
The Runner [Long Version]
The Safety Dance
The Saints Are Coming
The Same Old Scene
The Scratch
The Scratch [Alternative Version]
The Sea And The Sand
The Seance (Too Spooky)
The Second Coming
The Second Summer Of Love
The Second Time
The Second Time (Theme From Blitis)
The Second Time Around
The Secret
The Secret Life Of Plants
The Seduction
The Seduction (Love Theme)
The Seed And The Sower
The Sensual World
The Shadow Of Love
The Shakin' Stevens [EP]
The Shape Of Things To Come
The Shape You're In
The Sheffield Grinder
The Shepherd
The Show
The Show (Theme From 'Connie')
The Show (Theme From 'Connie') [Instrumental Version]
The Shuffle
The Side Board Song
The Sideboard Song (Got My Beer In The Sideboard Here)
The Sign [Extended Re-mix [Version]]
The Signals
The Silver Gun
The Simple Truth (A Child Is Born)
The Singles '81 To '83 [EP]
The Sit Song
The Skye Boat Song
The Slightest Touch
The Smile
The Smurf
The Smurf Song
The Soldier's Return
The Song That I Sing (Theme From 'We'll Meet Again')
The Soul Of My Suit
The Sound Of Music
The Sound Of Musik [The Rock'n'Soul Edit]
The Sound Of Musik [The Single Edit]
The Sound Of The Atom Splitting
The Sound Of The Crowd
The Sound Of The Crowd [Add Your Voice]
The Sound Of The Suburbs
The Sound Of Your Cry
The Sound Table
The Sparrow
The Special A.K.A. Live! [EP]
The Spell!
The Spirit Of Man
The Spirit Of Radio
The Staircase (Mystery)
The Start - I Don't Remember
The Steps
The Stormlands
The Story Of A Man And A Woman
The Story Of The Blues [Part 1]
The Story Of The Blues [Part 2 - Talkin' Blues]
The Strain
The Stroke
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
The Subject
The Sun Always Shines On T.V.
The Sun And The Rain
The Sun Goes Down
The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)
The Sun Never Shines
The Sun Rising [7'' Mix]
The Sun Rising [Eurovisionary Edit]
The Sunshine In My Life
The Sunshine Of Your Smile
The Sweetest Girl
The Sweetest Taboo
The Swindon Cowboy
The Taste Of Your Tears
The Teacher
The Telephone Always Rings
The Theme From Hill Street Blues
The Theme [Full Length Version]
The Theme [Unique Radio Edit]
The Thin Wall
The Things I Saw
The Things We Do For Love
The Things You See When You Don't Have Your Gun [Live At ULU]
The Third Man
The Thorn Birds Theme
The Thorn [EP]
The Tide Is High
The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid)
The Time Warp II
The Time Warp [The PWL Remix]
The Times They Are A Changin' [Live]
The Touch
The Traveller
The Travellers
The Treat Of 42nd Street
The Trees
The Trial Of Hissing Sid
The Trip [Microdot House Mix]
The Trooper
The Truth
The Truth [Instrumental]
The Twist [Buffapella]
The Twist [Yo, Twist]
The Ultimate Sin
The Unforgettable Fire
The Urge To Merge
The Valley Road
The Visitors
The Vital Spark
The Voice
The Voilence Of Truth
The Vow
The Voyeur (I Like To Watch)
The Wait
The Walk
The Wanderer
The War Song
The Water Margin
The Waves
The Way It Is
The Way It's Gotta Be
The Way You Are
The Way You Do The Things You Do / My Girl [Live Medley]
The Way You Love Me [Edit]
The Way You Make Me Feel
The Way You Make Me Feel [Instrumental]
The Wembley Trail
The Wheel
The Whisper
The Whodini Electro [EP]
The Whole Of The Moon
The Whole Point II — Blood Sports
The Whole Price Of Blood
The Whole Town's Laughin' At Me
The Whole World Is Dancing
The Wild Boys
The Wild Horse
The Wild Rover
The Willow
The Wind And I
The Wind Beneath My Wings
The Winker's Song (Misprint)
The Winner
The Winner Takes It All
The Wires Are Down
The Wishing Well
The Wishing Well Message
The Wizard [Part 1]
The Wizard [Part 2]
The Woman In Me
The Women
The Wonder Of You
The Word
The Word Girl
The Word Punishment
The Worker
The World At Fault
The World Belongs To Me
The World Is My Oyster
The World Is Out
The World Of Broken Hearts
The World Spins So Slow
The World Tonight
The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
The Writing's On The Wall
The Year Of The Jackal
The Yearning Loins
The Young Ones
The Zoo
The ZZ Top Summer Holiday [EP]
Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
Them There Eyes
Theme For A Dream
Theme For A Team
Theme For Great Cities
Theme For Moon Children
Theme For Young Lovers
Theme From ''Joe 90''
Theme From 'A Summer Place'
Theme From 'A Teenage Opera'
Theme From 'Ballad Of A Soldier'
Theme From 'Cade's County'
Theme From 'Cheers' (Where Everybody Knows Your Name)
Theme From 'ET (The Extra Terrestrial)'
Theme From 'M*A*S*H' (Suicide Is Painless)
Theme From 'Man-Trap'
Theme From 'Picnic'
Theme From 'Shaft'
Theme From 'Shaft' [Young And Strong Edit]
Theme From 'Superman' [Love Theme]
Theme From 'Superman' [Main Title]
Theme From 'The Apartment'
Theme From 'The Champ'
Theme From 'The Deer Hunter' (Cavatina)
Theme From 'The Glenn Miller Story'
Theme From 'The Hong Kong Beat'
Theme From 'The Onedin Line'
Theme From 'The Persuaders'
Theme From 'Vietnam Vietnam' (Canon In D)
Theme From A Beam
Theme From Boar Wierdos
Theme From Dixie
Theme From Dr. Kildare
Theme From Evil Eddy
Theme From Harry's Game
Theme From Labour Of Love
Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)
Theme From New York, New York
Theme From P.O.P.
Theme From P.O.P. [Radio Edit]
Theme From S-Express
Theme From The Boiler
Theme From The Deep [Instrumental]
Theme From The Legion's Last Patrol
Theme From The Travelling Man
Theme From Z Cars
Theme One
Theme Song From 'Which Way Is Up'
Then Came You
Then He Kissed Me
Then I Got Everything
Then I Kissed Her
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
Then, Only Then
Therapy / Growth
There Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards
There Ain't Nothing Like Shaggin'
There Are More Questions Than Answers
There Are More Snakes Than Ladders
There Are Some
There But For Fortune
There Goes My Everything
There Goes My First Love
There Goes That Song Again
There He Is (At My Door)
There I Go
There I've Said It Again
There Is A Man
There Is A Mountain
There Is A Nation
There Is Always Something There To Remind Me
There Is No Love Between Us Anymore
There Is No Reward
There It Is [Edited Version]
There Must Be
There Must Be A Reason
There Must Be A Way
There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)
There Must Be Thousands
There Never Was A Night So Beautiful
There She Goes
There Was A Time / Raw Ramp
There Will Always Be A You
There Will Never Be Another You
There Will Never Be Any Peace (Until God Is Seated At The Conference Table)
There Won't Be Many Coming Home
There Yer Go
There You Go
There'll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight
There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)
There's A Brand New World
There's A Ghost In My House
There's A Gold Mine In The Sky
There's A Goldmine In The Sky
There's A Great Day A-Coming
There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop, Swears He's Elvis
There's A Heartache Following Me
There's A Kind Of Hush
There's a Kind of Hush (All Over the World)
There's A Light
There's A Man
There's A Man Behind The Guitar
There's A Need
There's A Song In My Heart
There's A Train Leavin'
There's A Whole Lot Of Loving
There's A Woman
There's Always Me
There's Another One Behind
There's Been A Change
There's Gonna Be A Day
There's Good Rockin' Tonight
There's Got To Be A Better Way
There's More To Love
There's My Lover
There's Never A Forever Thing
There's Never Been A Night
There's No Love Left
There's No Room In My Heart
There's No Stopping Us Now
There's Not A Moment To Spare
There's Nothing Better Than Love
There's One Thing More
There's Only One Of You
There's Something About You
There's Something Wrong In Paradise
There's The Girl [Remix]
There, There My Dear
These Are The Things We'll Share
These Are The Things You Are
These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
These Children [Recorded In Concert]
These Dangerous Years
These Days — Love Will Tear Us Apart [Version]
These Dreams
These Dreams [7'' Version]
These Early Days
These Things Will Keep Me Loving You
They Call Him Cliff
They Called It Rock
They Don't Know
They Don't Know That The Soul Don't Go For That ['Potholes' Instrumental]
They Long To Be Close To You
They Remind Me Of You
They Remind Me Too Much Of You
They Said It Couldn't Be Done
They Say It's Gonna Rain
They Say It's Wonderful
They Shoot Horses Don't They?
They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Haaa!
They're The Best — Glory, Glory, Man. United
Thief In The Night
Thief On The Loose
Thieves Like Us
Thieves Like Us [Instrumental Edit]
Thieving Boy
Thighs High (Grip Your Hips And Move)
Thimble Full Of Puzzles
Thin Line Between Love And Hate
Things Bring Me Down
Things Can Only Get Better
Things Get Better
Things I Didn't Do
Things I Do For You [Live]
Things I Should Have Known
Things I Used To Do
Things I Wanna Do
Things I'd Like To Say
Things She Says
Things The Lonely Do
Things We Said Today
Things You Do To Me
Things You Put Me Through
Think About It
Think About It Darlin'
Think About Me
Think About That
Think About Your Children
Think Again — Walk Away Renee [Version]
Think For A Minute [New Version]
Think I'm In Love
Think It All Over
Think It Over
Think Of Her
Think Of Love
Think Of Me
Think Of Me As Your Soldier
Think Sometimes About Me
Think That It Might [Dance Mix]
Think [1989]
Thinkin' About Your Body
Thinkin' Ain't For Me
Thinkin' Of You
Thinking About You
Thinking About Your Love
Thinking About Your Love [Instrumental]
Thinking Of Our Love
Thinking Of Running Away
Thinking Of You
Thinking Of You Baby
Third Eye
Third Finger Left Hand
Third Finger, Left Hand
Third Little Turning (On The Right)
Third Uncle
Thirteen Feelings
Thirteen Women
Thirty Pieces Of Silver — Flirting With Suicide — Panic In The Streets
This Alone Is Love
This And That
This Boy
This Brutal House
This Brutal House [Dub Version]
This Can't Go On
This Charming Man
This Corrosion
This Could Be The Last Time
This Could Be The Night
This Could Mean Everything [Single Edit]
This Couldn't Happen To Me
This Day Today
This Door Swings Both Ways
This Earth That You Walk Upon [Instrumental Edit]
This Feelin'
This Feeling Inside
This Feeling's Rated X-Tra
This Flight Tonight
This Friendly World
This Girl
This Golden Ring
This Guy's In Love With You
This Hammer
This House
This House (Is Where Your Love Stands)
This Is Beautiful
This Is Big Audio Dynamite
This Is England
This Is It
This Is Love
This Is Me
This Is Mine
This Is My Life
This Is My Life [Instrumental]
This Is My Night
This Is My Song
This Is Not A Love Song
This Is Not America (The Theme From 'The Falcon And Snowmen')
This Is Not America [Instrumental]
This Is Not The Way (To End A War Or To Die)
This Is Radio Clash
This Is Ska [Dub Mix]
This Is Ska [Skacid Mix]
This Is The Day
This Is The Life
This Is The Right Time
This Is The Story
This Is The Story Of My Love (Baby)
This Is The Way
This Is The World Calling
This Is This
This Is Tomorrow
This Is What They Want
This Is Your Land [Full Length Version]
This Is Your Life
This Is Your Life [Ten City - Short]
This Jungle
This Kind Of Love
This Little Bird
This Little Girl
This Little Girl [Live]
This Love
This Love Affair [Radio Edit Extended]
This Love Affair [Radio Edit]
This Love I Have For You
This Maniac's In Love With You
This Masquerade
This Means Anything
This Monday Morning Feeling
This Mornin'
This Must Be The Place (Naοve Melody) [Edit]
This Night
This Night Won't Last Forever
This Occupation
This Old Heart Of Mine
This Old Heart Of Mine [1989 Version]
This Ole House
This One
This Perfect Day
This Place Hotel
This Planet's On Fire (Burn In Hell)
This Same Heart
This Ship Comes Apart
This Song Is Just For You
This Strange Effect
This Thing Called Love
This Thing Is Heavy
This Time
This Time (We'll Get It Right)
This Time Baby
This Time I Know It's For Real
This Time It's Love
This Time Of Year
This Time Tomorrow
This Time [Live Version]
This Town
This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us
This Waiting Heart
This Waltz With You
This Was Meant To Be
This Was My Love
This Weak
This Wheel's On Fire
This Will Be
This Woman's Work
This World Is Not My Home
This World Of Water
This Wreckage
Thorn In My Side
Those Eyes, That Mouth
Those First Impressions
Those Gentle Hands
Those Golden Days
Those Were The Days
Thou Shalt Not Steal
Though It Hurts Me Badly
Thoughts Of A Child
Three Bells
Three Boats Down From The Candy
Three Brothers
Three Coins In The Fountain
Three Cool Cats
Three Girls
Three Guesses
Three Letters
Three Little Birds
Three Little Pigs
Three Little Words
Three Little Words (I Love You)
Three Live Wires
Three Minute Hero
Three Nights A Week
Three O'clock Thrill
Three Orange Kisses From Kazan
Three Ring Circus
Three Stars
Three Steps To Heaven
Three Time Loser
Three Times A Lady
Three Wise Men
Three Words
Thrill Has Gone
Thrill Is Gone (From Yesterday's Kiss)
Thrill Of The Grill
Thrill Of The Kill
Thriller [Special Edit]
Thrills — Office Girls
Through The Barricades
Through The Eyes Of A Child
Through The Long Night [Edit]
Through The Night
Through The Storm
Through With You
Throw Away The Key
Throw Down A Line
Throw It Away
Throwin' Kisses
Throwing It All Away [Live Version]
Throwing My Baby Out With The Bathwater
Thrown Away
Thru' These Walls
Thumbs On The Ground
Thunder And Lightning
Thunder In My Heart
Thunder In The Mountains
Thus Spake Zarathustra
Tiara Tahiti
Tiber Twist
Tic Tac Toe
Ticket To Ride
Ticket To The Moon
Tickle Me
Tide Will Turn For Rebecca
Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree
Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport
Tie Your Mother Down
Tied Up
Tiger Baby
Tiger Bay
Tiger Feet
Tiger Rag
Tiger Tango
Tiger Tiger
Tiger Woman
Tigers Don't Climb Trees
Tight Capris
Tighten Up
Tighten Up (I Just Can't Stop Dancin')
Tijuana Taxi
Til' I Met You
Till - Fill My Eyes
Till Another Day
Till Death Do Us Part
Till I Can't Take Love No More
Till I Get It Right
Till I Loved You
Till I Loved You (Love Theme From 'Goya')
Till I Waltz Again With You
Till The End Of The Day
Till The End Of Time
Till The Money Runs Out
Till Then
Till There Was You
Till We Two Are One
Till You Come Back To Me
Till You're Loving Me Again
Time (Clock Of The Heart)
Time After Time
Time After Time Etc. [Live]
Time Again
Time Alone Will Tell
Time And Again
Time And The River
Time And Tide
Time And Time Again
Time Bomb
Time Can't Erase
Time Changes Everything
Time Changes Things
Time Drags By
Time Flies
Time For Action
Time For Change — Strings Of My Heart
Time For Living
Time For Love
Time For Make-Up
Time Has A Way
Time Has Come
Time Has Taken Its Toll On You
Time Hurries By
Time In Between
Time Is Free
Time Is On My Side
Time Is On My Side [Live]
Time Is So Hard To Find
Time Is Tight
Time Lapse In Milton Keynes
Time Limit
Time Of Our Lives
Time Ole Story
Time Seller
Time Square [Instrumental]
Time Stand Still
Time The Avenger [Live]
Time To Celebrate
Time To Die
Time To Get Ill
Time To Kill
Time To Live
Time Traveller
Time Waits For No One
Time Will Crawl
Time Will Tell
Time [Instrumental Version]
Time [Remix]
Time's Running Out
Times Are Getting Hard Boys
Times They Are A Changin'
Times They Are A-Changin'
Times They Are A-Changing
Tin Can
Tin Machine
Tin Pan Alley
Tin Soldier
Tin Soldiers
Tina Marie
Tintarella Di Luna
Tiny Children
Tiny Dynamine [EP]
Tiny Steps
Tip Of My Fingers
Tips Of My Fingers
Tiptoe In Paradise
Tired Of Being Alone
Tired Of Getting Pushed Around
Tired Of Toein The Line
Tired Of Waiting For You
Tis Me
Tite Black Pants [Live]
Title Theme From 'The Man With The Golden Arm'
To A Flame
To All The Girls I've Loved Before
To An Air Hostess
To Be A Lover
To Be Free To Be Who We Are
To Be Invisible
To Be Loved
To Be Or Not To Be
To Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap) [Part 1]
To Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap) [Part II - Instrumental Mix]
To Be Reborn
To Be With You Again
To Cut A Long Story Short
To Cut A Long Story Short [Recorded Live]
To Cut A Long Story Short [Version]
To Find Love
To France
To Gus
To Have And To Hold
To Know
To Know Him Is To Love Him
To Know Him, Is To Love Him
To Know You (Is To Love You)
To Know You Is To Love You
To Live My Life With You
To Love
To Love Again
To Love And Be Loved
To Love Somebody
To Love To Love
To Love You
To Make A Big Man Cry
To Make A Long Story Short
To Please My Lady
To Prove My Love
To Remind Me
To Remind You Of My Love
To Save My Rock N Roll Soul
To Show I Love Him
To Sing For You
To Sir With Love
To The Mountains High
To Turn You On
To Wait For Love
To Wendy With Love
To Whom It Concerns
To Work On You
Toast Of Love
Tobacco Road
Toby's Walk
Today I Killed A Man I Didn't Know
Today Will Soon Be Yesterday
Today's Teardrops
Today's Your Lucky Day
Today's Your Lucky Day [Dub]
Toffee And Tears
Together Again
Together Forever
Together Forever [Lover's Leap Remix]
Together In Electric Dreams
Together In Electric Dreams [Instrumental]
Together We Are Beautiful
Together We Can Shine
Together We're Better
Tokoloshe Man
Tokyo Joe
Tokyo Melody
Tokyo Storm Warning [Part 1]
Tokyo Storm Warning [Part 2]
Tolchocked by Kenny Pride [Live]
Told You So
Tom Baker
Tom Dooley
Tom Hark
Tom Pillibi
Tom Sawyer [Live]
Tom The Peeper
Tom's Diner
Tom's Song
Tom-Tom Turnaround
Tomb Of Memories [Single Mix]
Tombolee, Tombola
Tommy Gun
Tomorrow I'll Be Gone
Tomorrow Is Another Day
Tomorrow Never Knows
Tomorrow Night
Tomorrow People
Tomorrow Rising
Tomorrow Tomorrow
Tomorrow's Calling
Tomorrow's Clown
Tomorrow's Dream
Tomorrow's Girls
Tomorrow's Just Another Day
Tomorrow's Love
Tomorrow's Tears
Tongue Tied
Tongues Begin To Wag
Tonight (Could Be The Night)
Tonight (Single Edit)
Tonight I Celebrate My Love
Tonight I'm Alright
Tonight I'm Gonna Love You All Over
Tonight I'm Yours (Don't Hurt Me)
Tonight In Tokyo
Tonight Is Forever
Tonight Is So Right For Love
Tonight Is The Night
Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young
Tonight Will Be Alright
Tonight You Belong To Me
Tonight [Live] — Demolition Boys [Live]
Tonight [Rough Mix]
Tonight's The Night
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight [Remix]
Tonite, Tonite
Too Bad
Too Bad You Don't Want Me
Too Beautiful To Last
Too Big
Too Busy Thinking 'Bout My Baby
Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
Too Busy!
Too Close
Too Close To Heaven
Too Close To The Ground
Too Drunk To Fuck
Too Experienced
Too Far Gone
Too Good
Too Good To Be Forgotten
Too Good To Be True
Too Hard
Too Hard To Handle
Too High
Too High A Price
Too Hot
Too Hot Ta Trot
Too Hot To Handle
Too Late
Too Late For Goodbyes
Too Late For Prayin'
Too Late To Cry
Too Late, Too Late
Too Long Will Be Too Late
Too Many Beautiful Girls
Too Many Broken Hearts
Too Many Chiefs (Not Enough Indians)
Too Many Friends
Too Many Games
Too Many Looks In Your Eyes
Too Many Memories
Too Many Miles
Too Many People
Too Many Rivers
Too Many Rules
Too Much
Too Much Heaven
Too Much I'm In Love
Too Much Monkey Business
Too Much Pressure
Too Much Tequila
Too Much Trouble
Too Much, Too Little, Too Late
Too Nice To Talk To
Too Risky
Too Sexy
Too Shy
Too Shy [Instrumental]
Too Soon To Know
Too Up, Two Down
Too Young
Too Young To Dance
Too Young To Go Steady
Took It To The Limit
Took The Last Train
Toom Toom Is A Little Boy
Top Of The Pops
Top Of The World
Top Secret
Top Six No. 1 (EP)
Top Six No. 3 (EP)
Top Teen Baby
Topsy (Part 1)
Topsy (Part 2)
Topsy Part I
Topsy Part II
Topsy Turvy
Topsy Turvy Land
Tora, Tora, Tora (Out With The Boys)
Torero Cha Cha Cha
Torn Between Two Lovers
Torture [Instrumental]
Tossin' And Turnin'
Tossing And Turning
Total Eclipse
Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Total Erasure
Total Panic
Tottenham Tottenham
Touch A Four Leaf Clover
Touch A Hand Make A Friend
Touch By Touch
Touch Me
Touch Me (I Want Your Body)
Touch Me In The Morning
Touch Me On My Hot Spot
Touch Me [by Yoko Ono]
Touch Me [Special Mix For Break Dancing]
Touch Me, Touch Me
Touch Of Velvet, A Sting Of Brass
Touch The One You Love
Touch Too Much
Touch [Part Two]
Touched By Magic
Touched By The Hand Of Dub
Touched By The Hand Of God
Touchy! [LP Version]
Tough Little Buggy
Tough On A Tightrope
Tougher Than The Rest
Tougher Than The Rest [Live]
Toulouse Street
Tour De France [Breakdance Remix]
Tour De France [Instrumental]
Tour De France [Remix]
Tout A Doubt
Tout Les Garcons Et Les Filles
Tower Of London
Tower Of Strength
Towers Of London
Town Crier
Town Cryer [Alternative Fast Version]
Town Of Plenty
Town To Town
Town Without Pity
Toy Balloons
Toy Boy
Toy Boy [Instrumental]
Toy Boy [Remix]
Toy Soldiers [Edit]
Tra La La
Tra-La-La I'm In Love
Track'n The House
Tracks Of My Tears
Trade Winds
Trading In Gold
Tragedy And Mystery
Trail Of Tears [7'' Version]
Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
Train Of Love
Train Of Thought [Remix]
Train Song
Train To Nowhere
Train To Skaville
Train Tour To Rainbow City
Trains And Boats And Planes
Trains, Boats, Planes
Trance Dance
Trans-Europe Express — The Model
Transfer Affection
Transistor Radio
Trapped [Acappella]
Trash 2
Trash Can
Trash, Trampoline And The Party Girl
Travelin' Band
Travellin' Home
Travellin' Light
Travellin' Man
Travelling Home
Treason (It's Just A Story) [Re-Mix]
Treasure (Whatever Happened To Pete The Chop)
Treasure In My Heart
Treasure Of Love
Treat Her Like A Lady
Treat Her Right
Treat Me Gently
Treat Me Like An Animal
Treat Me Nice
Treat Me Right
Treble Chance
Trek To Rome
Tribute (Right On)
Tribute To A King
Tribute To Buddy Holly
Trick Of The Light
Trigger Happy
Tring A Ling A Loo
Trini Trax
Trois Gymnopedies (First Movement)
Tropical Loveland
Trouble Boys
Trouble In Paradise
Trouble Is My Middle Name
Trouble Maker
Trouble Town
Trouble With Harry
Trouble — Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
Trouble's A Comin'
Truck On (Tyke)
Truck Stop
Trudi's Song
True Blue
True Colours
True Devotion
True Faith
True Girl
True Love
True Love For Evermore
True Love Ways
True Love, True Love
True Loves And False Lovers
True [Recorded Live]
True, Fine Mama
True, True Lovin'
Truly Julie
Truly Julie's Blues (I'll Be There)
Trumpet Tango
Trust In Me
Trust Me To Open My Mouth
Truth Or Dare
Try A Little Harder
Try A Little Kindness
Try A Little Tenderness
Try A Little Understanding
Try And Stop Me
Try It, You'll Like It
Try Jah Love
Try Me
Try Me, I Know We Can Make It — Wasted
Try My World
Try On My Love For Size
Try To Understand
Tryin' To Get To You
Trying For Kicks — This Heat
Trying To Forget
Trying To Forget You
Trying To Get To You
Trying To Guess The Rest
Tryouts For The Human Race
Tryouts For The Human Race [Long Version]
TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)
Tu Te Reconnaitras
Tubular Bells
Tuesday Heartbreak
Tuesday Sunshine
Tuff Life Booogie
Tug Of War
Tulips From Amsterdam
Tumbao [Edited Version]
Tumble And Twirl
Tumbling Dice
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Tunes Of Glory
Tuning In Tuning On
Tunnel Of Love
Tunnel Of Love [Part 1]
Tunnel Of Love [Part 2]
Tupelo Mississippi Flash
Turkey Chase
Turn Around
Turn Around And Count 2 Ten
Turn Around Look At Me
Turn Around, Look At Me
Turn Back The Clock
Turn Back The Tide
Turn It Down
Turn It Into Love
Turn It On
Turn It On Again
Turn It On Again [Live]
Turn It On [Live Version]
Turn It Up
Turn It Up [Club Mix]
Turn It Up [Dub Mix]
Turn It Up [The Logical Mix Up]
Turn Me Loose
Turn Me On Turn Me Off
Turn On The Night
Turn Out The Lamplight
Turn Out The Moon
Turn The Girl Loose
Turn The Music Up
Turn The Music Up!
Turn This Mutha Out
Turn To Gold
Turn To Gold [Instrumental]
Turn To Stone
Turn Turn Turn
Turn Up Love
Turn Up The Bass
Turn Up The Bass [Instrumental]
Turn Up The Night
Turn You On
Turn You Round Again
Turn Your Back On Me
Turn Your Damper Down
Turn Your Love Around
Turn Your Radio On
Turn, Turn, Turn
Turning Away
Turning Back The Pages
Turning Japanese
Turning The Good Into Bad
Turning The Town Red
Tutti Frutti
Tutti Frutti [LP Version]
Tux On [Single Version]
Tuxedo Junction
TV Dinners
TV Stars
TVC 15
Tweedle Dee
Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum
Tweedlee Dee
Twelfth Of Never
Twelfth Street Rag
Twelve Steps To Love
Twenty Flight Rock [Live]
Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
Twenty Thousand Leagues
Twenty Tiny Fingers
Twenty-Four Hours
Twice Daily
Twilight Alehouse
Twilight Cafι
Twilight Time
Twilight World
Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone - Twilight Tone [Medley]
Twinkie Lee
Twinkle Lullaby
Twinkle Toes
Twist (Round 'N' Round)
Twist And Crawl
Twist And Shout
Twist And Shout (EP)
Twist In My Sobriety [Edit]
Twist Of Fate
Twist Twist
Twistin' The Night Away
Twistin' To The Blues
Twisting By The Pool
Twixt Twelve And Twenty
Two Can Have A Party
Two Can Make It
Two Different Worlds
Two Easter Sunday Sweethearts
Two Feelings
Two Fools In Love
Two For The Road
Two Hearts
Two Hearts Beat As One
Two Hearts Together
Two Hound Dogs
Two Innocent Hearts
Two Kinds Of Teardrops
Two Kinds Of Tears
Two Little Boys
Two Little Boys — Sox — Butterfly
Two Little Girls
Two Of A Kind
Two Of Us
Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
Two People
Two People (Theme From The Motion Picture 'Nuts')
Two People Clinging To A Thread
Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps Please
Two Rivers
Two Ships Passing In The Night
Two Silhouettes
Two Streets
Two Thousand-88
Two Time Loser
Two Track Stereo, One Track Mind
Two Tribes
Two Virgins Tender
Two Weeks Since You've Gone
Two Wings Of Delight
Two Young Lovers [Live]
Two Young Lovers — If I Had You
Two-Way Mirror
Typical Girls
Typical Male
Tyrolean Stomp