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Type: Version: Date: Range: Link:
Macro Version Excel 97-2003,2007, 2010 32-bit only 1.681 20 Apr 2014 1936-1999
Non-Macro Version 1.68 15 Apr 2014 1936-1999


The Britburn spreadsheet contains information on every entry in the UK charts, from sheetmusic sales totals in 1939, through the commencement of the British record sales chart in 1952 and, when complete, to the present day. Songs are grouped statistically by their chart performance and assigned a serial number within their year(s) of chart influence.

Each Record Sales entry includes the A-Side (B-sides until the CD era) titles, performers, composers, label and number, chart run and whatever session details are known. Sheetmusic entries include the prominent performer(s) and associated vinyl releases and publishers (where known).

The non-macro version no longer includes the full week by weeks charts. There are now available here. The macro version will generate any dates chart on-the-fly.

The macro version of the spreadsheet runs under Microsoft Excel 2000 or later and adds functionality for statistical reports to be generated. Mp3's can be played and labels and other images present on your system (.jpg format) are displayed, including lyric files (.txt or .lrc).

By default the Windows mp3 player and environmental space are used. These can be changed in User Configuration. (To restore defaults enter nothing for 'Player' and 'Temp Folder'). Players tested include Winamp, Windows Media Player, and BSPlayer.

Duplicate entries, LP's or EP's launch an m3u Playlist containing all tracks, otherwise the selected side and label plays.

Reports are launched by double clicking the appropriate column or cell in the Britburn sheet. These can be exported to an m3u Playlist, Notepad or the clipboard. Clicking any row in a Report plays that track, if present. Sorting by any column in the report is possible (click column heading). Labels do not show for Playlists.

User Configuration:

Entering your information here is essential for the macro spreadsheet to function as intended.
PLEASE NOTE: Spreadsheet Status becomes [Active] automatically after you've entered enough required information. The Check Resources button displays a summary of labels and mp3s present on your system. A checksum feature compare your files with our library copies and shows any differences. Britburn mp3's, images and lyrics files can in Imported from any folder and automatically moved to their project destination folders.

User Configuration


A track's chart run data is obtained by double clicking Britburn serial number. Chart runs are defined as the period a song was on the charts, including time off where time off does not exceed 6 months. The year a chart run is assigned is the Year of its (first) highest position. Where a track re-enters in subsequent years this is considered a new chart run. Each track and chart run is assigned an exclusive serial number. (See the Info sheet for more details)

Web Site

A link to the Britburn web site is launched by double clicking any Serial number cell.

Charts and ChartPlay

Any weeks chart is shown by selecting a date from the Calendar. Double clicking the charts playlist icon launches an m3u playlist for that week. The number of entries to include and playing order are set in User Configuration.

The Calendar is selected by a left click on the Britburn logo. The Charts icon on the main control Form will display that entries peak week.


Most fields in the Britburn and SheetMusic Sheet launch unique events or generate reports when double-clicked:

Field: Report Generated / Event Triggered:
Year Date Peaked, A-Side Title, Artist, Label & Cat, ChartRun and Peak.
Prefix Main Control Form. Shows full details for both A and B-Sides, labels and lyrics. Links to that track at
Artist Date Entered, A-Side, B-Side, Label & Cat, ChartRun and Peak. This also allows selection of A Side, B Side, or both
Title Plays A-Side, if present. If more than one instance of Title is found a Report is created with Date Entered, Artist, Composer, Label & Cat, ChartRun and Peak.
Label Date Entered, Catalogue number, Artist, A-Side Title, ChartRun and Peak.
Composer(s) Date Entered, Artist, A-Side Title, Label & Cat, ChartRun and Peak.
B-Side Plays B-Side (and images) if present.
Date Entered Every track entering the charts on that date. Date Peaked, Artist, Title, Label & Cat, ChartRun, Peak and Date Left.
Date Peaked Every track peaking on that date.
Date Left Every track leaving the charts on that date.


Labels displayed for the chosen side, plus any further images associated with that track. Click on the image to change its size. Navagation button indicates further images exist.


Apart from some procedures used conditionally, all code is written by amateurs. Nothing is guaranteed or implied. No responsibility is accepted for any problems associated with using these macros. Anything (apart from where noted) is free to copy or modify. Excel 2000 or later required and recommended screen size is 1152x864 or higher.

The versions available here, are the latest but may well contain bugs and problems not yet envisaged by the developer(s). However, they represents the best of our efforts and any problems that arise will be fixed. Comments, questions etc are welcomed in the Britburn Forum, available from the menu above.

September 2010

Release Notes

It's intended, from version v991m onwards, to document all changes, corrections, bug fixes etc, plus any changes to label/lyric files. New spreadsheets can be assumed to contain data updates & corrections but these will not be documented.

Version: Date: Changes:
v991m 27 September 2007
  • Added: Click event to Charts sheets
  • Added: Date Column
  • Clicking a non-date cell launches a Form to Play or Export the selected Week to Notepad or the Clipboard
-- 8 October 2007
  • u1952labels(02Oct2007).zip updated
  • u52_008b corrected
v992m 12 October 2007
  • Added: Subfolder capability to Image Path
-- 4 January 2008
  • Updated Label Archives: 1952-55
-- 5 January 2008
  • Updated Label Archives: 1956
-- 6 January 2008
  • Updated Label Archives: 1952-55
-- 7 January 2008
  • Added Label Archives: 1958 (298 labels)
v995m 17 March 2008
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Composer names standardised
  • Various title/artist name corrections
  • Added Jump-To date in Charts sheets
  • Added Lyrics display capability
  • Added User defined genre option
  • Changed Chart Run. Launches from Serial number cells (was previously columns S-CD)
-- 28 May 2008
  • Added Label Archives: 1970-73
-- July-October 2008
  • Added: Various Label/Lyrics Archives
v999 October 2008
  • Added: 1980-81
  • Continued composer names standardisation
  • Various title/artist name corrections
  • Added Session and Format Columns
  • Improved lyrics display to handle different text formats
  • Added Single Click event to Titles (for status bar display of resources)
  • Improved Main Interface to handle A & B Side, lyrics, labels and mp3's
  • Added Britburn-Whitburn cross reference
  • Added 'Save Changes' Option To User Configuration
  • Trapped duplicate folders in User Configuration
  • i>Added Britburn-Whitburn cross reference
  • Added 'Save Changes' Option To User Configuration
  • Trapped duplicate folders in User Configuration
v99951 December 2008
  • Added: 1979
  • Further additions, data corrections
  • u79_090 Ten Pole Tudor
  • Query 'Missing' Added to Reports Form
  • Added Chart Run distinction where re-entry's were a different label/cat number
  • Further refined Lyrics Form and Main User Interface
v9996 March 2009
  • Added: 1982-83
  • Further additions, data corrections
  • Updated User Interface
  • Added resource query to Reports Form
  • Added 1953-69 extra tracks from unofficial charts
  • Added capability to auto-display comments for albums
  • Improved detection of individual album tracks - now shows any missing ones
  • Fixed Genre Save routine
v99997 October 2009
  • Added: 1984
  • Added: Folder Setup facility to User Configuaration
  • Added: Date calculation-display by chart postions (Columns Y to CP)
  • Added: Batch Move for resource files. (Import)
  • Added: mp3 bitrate and mode detection
  • Added: UK Sheetmusic charts 1939-1965 (Britburn Serials uXX_500 series for 1952-65)
  • Decade week by week charts removed, now charts are created dynamically
  • Improved B side and Multi-track handling via Main User Interface
  • Integrated Sheet Music and Britburn resources for sharing
  • Significant number of data additions and amendments
  • Addet offset links to A-Side title and artists to allow dissimilar names to be grouped, where necessary
v99973 November 2009
  • Added: 1985
  • Added: Label archives to each month
  • Minor tweaks to improve some routines
  • Significant number of data additions and amendments
-- December 2009
  • Label achives consolidated and replaced on web site
v999752 February 2010
  • Added: 1986-89
  • Further additions and corrections
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
v99980 April 2010
  • Added: Checksum
  • Added: 1990-1999 Data
  • Added: Reports Form for B-Side Artist and B-Side Composer
  • 4 digit year compatibility
  • Usual data corrections and additions
  • Fixed bug where Users Import Path written to wrong line in Info Sheet
  • Improved detection of A-B album sides
  • Improved calendar to select chart date
  • Improved Check Files routines
  • Fixed bug where non-charting entries incorrectly listed in the charts
  • Prepared for 4 digit Serial numbers
-- September 2010
  • File Server upgraded
  • Image archives consolidated and replaced
v999885 December 2010
  • Added Access backend for data storage (Second ADO Connection established)
  • Added Optional 1940-1980 Whitburn Sheet
  • Added sleeve image display and Main Control Form icon
  • Added label checksum
  • Significant code upgrades to serveral routines (Type Variables introduced)
  • Further improved Check Resources modules, and User Configuration Form
  • Fully implemented Multi B-Sides and Album Track selection from Main Control Form
  • Significant additions & corrections to Record Sales and Sheet Music data
v999890 June 2011
  • 1960s 'Extras'Added
  • Added 'run once' Renumbering routines for the 1960s Extras
  • Improved Checksum and Check Resources routines
  • Further code upgrades to several routines
  • Further additions & corrections to Record Sales and Sheet Music data
  • Additional 1990-1999 data (subject to change)
v99992 Oct 2011
  • EP Charts Sheet Added
  • Further integrated click events into Backend
  • Added further Bubblers and Extras 1960-1980
  • Added 1936-38 Sheetmusic
  • 1970s B-Side Data additions
  • Improved multi B-Side operation
  • Permenantly included Whitburn Sheet (User can delete)
  • Added .xlsm Version
v99997 Jan 2012
  • Data additions and Corrections
v1.0 April 2012
  • First Non-Beta Release
  • Full Backend integration
  • 'NipperSearch' allowing multi-criteria search and display
  • Backend Lyrics
  • Backend Single line Editor
  • Personalised Layout and colours
  • Auto Setup for New Installs
  • Improved Main Control Form display and Multi B-Side handling
  • Improved Reports Form for all worksheets
  • Updated Info Sheet
  • First implementation of Artist ID groupings
  • Improved Save/Change in User Configuration
  • Data additions and Corrections (4 months accumulative)
  • 1990 B-Sides (first 128 entries)
  • 1983 Bubblers
  • 1973 B-Sides Updated
  • Loader Screen
  • Numerous code changes and improvements
v1.39 May 2013
  • Fixed bug which duplicated track 'b' when playing Albums
  • Fixed. Lyrics Caption losing names for tracks 11 and higher
  • Added Lyrics to Nipper Search
  • Added 'Refer' Key for session details to use details from another entry
  • Improved lyrics display for Multi B-Sides and offset A-Sides
  • Improved status bar display for resource totals and single click events
  • Added Serial info and Resource Count Class Modules
  • Improved Reports info - log of Resources, bitrate etc.
  • Added Target combo to each sheet
  • Added 1936 'In Tune' listings and revised Sheetmusic-Era Extras
  • Completed SheetMusic integration and revamped file format to match EPs (uSM prefix)
  • Revised 1960's & 1970's Bubbler/Extra positions and renumbered as necessary
  • Rewritten Resource check routines to more faithfully include all entries and formats
  • Completed Bubbler Additions 1980-86
  • Small number of 1990s additions
v1.41 Jul 2013
  • Added Filter function to Sheet Music files Resource Count
  • Fixed bug that prevented Excel 2007 (and later) from updating Backend comments
  • Fixed bug that could crash a new install if Backend Lyrics checkbox in User Config was neither set or unset
  • Added 4 digit serial compatibility to years 1987-89
  • Added late binding to User-ini file read for Windows 8 compatibility
  • Completed 1976 B-Side data
  • Completed 1987 Official and Bubbler entries
v1.68 Apr 2014
  • Added: AlbumCharts worksheet and introduction of uLP prefix
  • Added: Enable User Amendments/upgrades to be ported to website
  • Added: Batch checksum processing
  • Major Revision of many code modules
  • Resource count and display routines re-written and enhanced for all worksheets
  • Completed 1977 B-Side data (Durations from v682)
  • Substantial data additions and corrections