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Maybe A Idea

Postby imcal » Thu Apr 15, 2010 6:28 pm

Soon we will get into serious trouble here in the Uk if we post any copyrighted material or download any copyrighted material etc, thanks to Mandelsons digital law etc

Just thinking for our best interests and safety would it be a better option to set up a britburn ftp server etc where members only can get access etc and access to charts, the mp3`s and covers etc it would be password protected etc anyone else have any thoughts on this.

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Re: Maybe A Idea

Postby ukcharts » Sat Apr 17, 2010 3:47 am

The new law appears to be aimed at people making copyright files available, rather than those downloading them (for now, at least). Certainly if you're using a local ISP to upload (and don't discount download) copyright material then you should be concerned, although the law in one form or another already existed and has previously been pretty much ignored by the ISPs, apart from the occasional cease and desist notice, who are aware they would lose a lot of business otherwise! I expect most of us are using a paid offshore news provider - Giganews for example - for our newsgroups. This should be a little safer at least, for the time being.

If anyone has the capability to host a secure ftp site then I'd be comfortable with the idea, but expense may be an issue - unless anyone has a lot of space, a static IP address and cheap or free bandwidth. Another alternative would be using encrypted (password protected at folder level) archives using a filehosting site like Rapidshare, but that puts all the onus on one person.

All of the above would also detract from encouraging new people to join in the search / share.
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Re: Maybe A Idea

Postby Bassman » Sat Apr 17, 2010 5:27 am

I reckon the whole thing is going to be a failure anyway.

Firstly the money spent tracking down the P2P users of copyright material will start out weighing the return. There will be a few challenge cases which will throw the whole thing into chaos, already they have already targetted innocent people (one OAP was asked for £635 for a game they allegedly downloaded 2 years ago - The nature of the game itself threw beyond reasonable doubt on the claim). Another family were advised they could be in trouble because they had uTorrent on a PC, that's not illegal. The legislation was rushed through Parliament and as a result will probably be full of holes that any Lawyer worth his salt will be able to challenge, and I bet there are a few that will be more than willing to do defence cases "pro bono". I should imagine Newgroups are not even on the radar yet.

Secondly I should imagine a whole load of utilities to hide, cover or confuse the issue will start appearing before too long, if they haven't already. That will certainly muddle the water.

Thirdly not everybody in the industry is sympathetic which is perhaps the most interesting point.

At the moment they are targetting the big money loses - Games, Films and new Album releases.

They shouldhave gone with the Broadband Tax. I appreciate the arguement that this will punish people who don't download, but do they not do this out of a sense of honour or fear? The B Tax would have opened the door for these people and would have been no different to the charge they put on Music Cassettes in the 1980's after the "home taping is killing music" campaign was a complete disaster. If necessary this could have been supplemented by a small charge on blank media as well. A BB Tax of £1 a month would have more than covered the loses they claim they are making.

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