ChartsPlus - do you know about it?

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ChartsPlus - do you know about it?

Postby kingofskiffle » Sun May 20, 2018 8:20 am

I suppose I have long thought that everybody knows about ChartsPlus but recently I’ve come to realise that this may not be the case. Whilst I don’t want this post to become an advert in some sense it must be to list what ChartsPlus does and ask what should it do. We want, as all publications want, more subscribers. We wonder how to get them though.

ChartsPlus is an independent weekly newsletter about the UK music charts. We licence approximately 29 charts from the Official Charts Company and spend ages making sure that the titles, artist, labels and catalogue numbers are accurate and reflect the actual release details.

Our goal is accuracy.

Two types of issue are available. Express at £120 a year and Full at £145 a year. Express removes some charts and reduces the size of others.

Each issue is sent out on Monday nights or Tuesday morning and is in your inbox for Tuesday morning when you wake up.

Our customer service goal is to advise all subscribers of errors and then supply a replacement issue if needed. Examples include when a typing error has been made or more seriously such as in 2015 when the OCC reran the Rock Albums Chart and we used the second, correct, issue.

We also include a new entries spotlight which shows artist history for new entries into the singles 100, the main chart, and those new entries between 101-200 on the digital singles chart. The albums chart also has a new entry spotlight for records entering between 1 and 100. This includes catalogue numbers now, something not shown on the samples on the website.

Issues, including back issues, may be bought from

So that’s the background for anybody who doesn’t know. Now to my questions.

With the exception of price why don’t you subscribe to ChartsPlus? I’m not asking about price because we are unable to reduce this. I studies Business Studies and know that products have a point where people won’t pay when the price goes to but the price comes to about £2.78 per week if you subscribe to Full and pay yearly which is the cheapest option.

Should we have more charts? Should we have less? If so which do we drop? Which do we add? Be aware that if a chart does not exist or is not created we can’t have it so are restricted to what the OCC offer.

Equally we can not show sales information so please do not ask. That is confidential and the sales data released by other publications is part of an agreement with them for non specific rounded data or in special cases such as the number 1 record.

The big question - what is stopping you subscribing?

Thanks for your time and this is really interesting to me as I am really keen to know how people find out about things like ChartsPlus.

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