1981 Extras

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1981 Extras

Postby ukcharts » Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:41 pm

The 1981 extras data has been compiled and 117 new entries, over 250 tracks, originally listed as "Next 25" are ready for inclusion in the next update, but we are currently missing the following information, can anyone help fill the gaps?

Wish - Nice And Soft
Excalibur EXC 511
Author credit to R Williams. Can anyone expand on this (first name)?

Brendan Shine - Pub Crawl / I Wish
Play PLAY 143
A-side Author credit to M Connor. Can anyone expand on this (first name)?
Producer details required for both sides

The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping
Ze WIP 6763
B-side Charlélie Couture - Christmas Fever. Producer details required.

The Atlantics - Stacks Of Soul
Mean MEAN 6
Producer details required.

Coast To Coast - Coastin' / Born To Rock 'N' Roll
Polydor POSP 303
A-side Author credit to B Palmer / P Jackson. Can anyone expand on this (first name)?
B-side Author credit to Dapin / Snute. Can anyone expand on this (first name)?

Isla St Clair - Christmas Dream / The Way It Used To Be
Deauville STL 4
Producer details required for both sides.

Dionne Warwick - Now We're Starting Over Again
Arista ARIST 419
B-side Hit Record Medley - Medley details required (Tracks and producer)

Show-Stoppers '81 - The (Disco) Sound Of Music
Whisper 7 WSP 105
Medley details required (Tracks)
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