1970's Odd query

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1970's Odd query

Postby Bassman » Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:21 am

Hi All

We've come across a slightly strange problem with Free's song All Right Now (Or perhaps that should be (not quite) All Right Now) which is bugging me no end.

The song charted three times during the 1970's

6/6/1970 - WIP 6082
21/7/1973 - WIP 6082
18/2/1978 - IE6

Now, thanks to the many compilation LP' and CD's like "The Best Whatever Album In The World Ever" the timing for the track has become confused - and also add in the original album version then the already muddy waters get really mirky.

As the 1970 and 1973 versions have the same catalogue number we have assumed they are the same, the only difference being that the original release was on the Island "Pink Label" and the 1973 Re-release was on the Island "Palm Tree label". Both of these versions should clock in at 4:12 (or thereabouts) and have the first part of the guitar solo edited out. This matches the bonus single version track on the remastered Fire And Water, the Free album which originally featured the track.

The album version (with the complete guitar solo) on Fire And Water clocks in at 5:42.

The problem occurs with the 1978 EP version, which for many years I assumed to be the album version - however it is, according to the label 6:11 - which is a massive 30 seconds longer than the original Fire & Water album version, (and 30 secs is a long time in pop music) It almost matches the Live version which is 6:28....

Of the other versions, the most common of which is 3:49 - which has the final chorus savagely cut. But a couple of other takes seem to exist which we need to eliminate.

So if anybody can help shed some light on this problem and hopefully provide a guaranteed rip of the 6:11 version from the 1978 EP it would ensure we actually get the correct versions of this classic.

Many thanks as ever

Tel the Bassman

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Re: 1970's Odd query

Postby Bassman » Sun Jun 20, 2010 7:40 pm

Mystery solved.

I have obtained a copy of the 1978 release and it is indeed the album version. Looks like there is a misprint on the label.


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