Minor Spreadsheet correction

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Minor Spreadsheet correction

Postby kirkm » Mon Sep 10, 2007 10:09 am

BMRB Chart 08 Jan 1977

This was one of those weeks where several tracks were tied at Pos 99
Some of these DID NOT have that week included in our chart run data.

This has resulted in 6 tracks having a week added to their run.

They are


Of these TWO result in minor renumbering:-

Old Number Changes to
u76_134 u76_135
u76_135 u76_136
u76_136 u76_134

u76_240 u76_241
u76_241 u76_240

This change is applied in Spreadsheet v991m. (Not posted yet - will be next few days)

It's reccommended you get the new Spreadsheet, rather than modify an existing one
and edit the tag as well as the mp3 filename and label filename (if present).

Sorry for the change, and thanks for DUUKUS for finding it!

Cheers - Kirk

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