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User Updates

Postby kirkm » Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:08 am


The next generation of User Updates are about to kick in, from the next spreadsheet release.

Files will be announced here and all you need do is download, copy into your Import folder and Import. Just like the labels and lyric files. This will keep your spreadsheet up to date with all/any changes made by users who supply updates. And please do so if you see anything wrong, or have any data we're missing.

For those who want to check if their update is included, or maybe add these changes right now, here's a bit of info.

The update files are written for the computer to read, not humans, so you need to ignore various control characters and other nonsensical stuff.

There is a strict fomat though as follows

1) Entry Idenitication

This is chr$(1) & chr$(2) & SheetName & one space & Prefix & colon & row number

2) Each column, repeated for all changes for this entry

Data for each worksheet address is enclosed betewen two chr$(5)'s
The first item is column Letter + Comment enclosed in square brackets
Examples [J] [JComment]
If the word "Comment" is missing, what follows is the cell contents for this address.
If "Comment" is present the following is the pop up comment contents for this address.

3) A blank line

Unlike previous update files, your existing data isn't shown, just the replacement. If you think this is the same as what you already have, bear in mind the the dash or hypen looks the same as an en dash. Also an unwanted trailing space may be being removed.

When the computer reads in the file, it will compare the update with the existing data. If they match, nothing happens.

If there's a difference it will overwrite both the spreadsheet and backend with the change.
After each batch is done the workbook (Excel) will auto-save.

The next spreadsheet will also have an option to auto-copy changes you make into the Backend. At the moment you need to do this manually via User Config. If you enable the option that becomes history, apart from comments, but you will still need to send changes to the website manually. (This could be done automatically except there's no way I've found to detect when you've changed a comment.)

One last thing, some things can't be altered. These are the prefix, the 'Match5' Cols D-H, the three date columns, and the chart run positions. These should never need changing, but if they do it means a rebuild and resync of all the data.

The first of these update files is

It has the first 50 of the current 180 updates. The others follow shortly. Don't try importing this yet though !

Cheers - Kirk

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