Spreadsheet v1.39

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Spreadsheet v1.39

Postby kirkm » Wed May 22, 2013 10:40 am

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's been 13 months since the last 'official' macro spreadsheet and while this new one looks and feels much the same, a lot of work has gone into improvements and new concepts. There are several thousand revised or new entries as more data has come to hand. And of course on-going work with session details and sheetmusic tracks.

A word about those first - a new Prefix "uSM" has been introduced (in keeping with the EPCharts format). Sheetmusic tracks are arranged into album-like format with recordings indentified by subletters a,b,c, etc. Each song has the same Prefix and the order for subletters follows the sequence of Artist and Label in column 'CN'. It's not intended to collect every track listed, only a sample of each, but any you add and apply our numbering to will be recognised by the system.

There is no xlsm version online this time, but one is available which is not auto-running (details on request). We've had a nasty bug creep in which the xlsm version is more susceptible to. In attempts to correct this we welcome and thank Andreas Killer in Germany for his input and help with ideas to rectify this. These are still being developed and will be a big feature in the next release. In fact looking to the future, many things are on the drawing board one of which is to move away completely from the Excel platform.

So, what's new or significant in this version ?

1. Fixed bug which duplicated track 'b' when playing Albums.
2. Fixed. Lyrics Caption losing names for tracks 11 and higher.
3. Added Lyrics to Nipper Search
4. Added 'Refer' Key for session details to use details from another entry.
5. Improved lyrics display for Multi B-Sides and offset A-Sides
6. Improved status bar display for resource totals and single click events
7. Added Serial info and Resource Count Class Modules
8. Improved Reports info - log of Resources, bitrate etc.
9. Added Target combo to each sheet
10. Added 1936 "In Tune" listings and revised Sheetmusic-Era Extras.
11. Completed SheetMusic integration and revamped file format to match EPs. (uSM prefix)
12. Revised 1960's & 1970's Bubbler/Extra positions and renumbered as necessary.
13. Rewritten Resource check routines to more faithfully include all entries and formats
14. Completed Bubbler Additions 1980-86
15. A small number of 1990s additions.

Note: Years 1952-75 and 1980-86 can now be considered fully complete and correct.

As you can imagine, changes impact on rankings and serial numbers. This time there are so many that a special programme has been developed to renumber automatically. There's also a few changes to some 1980s files, but all those affected will be reposted and can be used
to copy over the older files. The renumberer is intended for 1966-78 mp3s, and can be run many times. It will not change any already-renumbered files. Filenames are displayed before and after any changes and it will not do anything until you give the OK. You can also choose to leave the files in a new folder for inspection. If you use the macro spreadsheet it will know where the files are, otherwise you'll need to browse to the folders one by one. It's also a good idea to make a backup first, just in case of any problems.

1966-78 Renumberer available here:
http://www.britburn.co.uk/files/tools/1 ... mberer.zip

Revised Labels available here:
http://www.britburn.co.uk/files/labels/ ... Labels.zip
This includes label checksums for the changed files only. Lonnie will generate a full set once
he has merged these.

Revised lyrics will are available here:
http://www.britburn.co.uk/files/lyrics/ ... Lyrics.zip
If you use the macro spreadsheet these are already included.

mp3 Checksums here:
http://www.britburn.co.uk/files/tools/1 ... cksums.zip

Why was such intensive renumbering needed?

We've always strived to get complete accuracy in the data we collate and we are continually reviewing that data and updating as necessary. Since we first added the 1960's and 1970's chart breakers, which we call "Bubblers", about 3 years ago more complete and accurate data has become available to us, so it has become necessary to completely overhaul this data to ensure it is accurately represented. To achieve the accuracy we strive for, major changes have become necessary to the Bubblers on the spreadsheet:

Firstly - our original data had chart positions immediately outside of the top 50 chart entries for each week which original copies of the charts has proved this to be incorrect and a few weeks did have numbers, no numbers were ever allocated on a permanent basis. This has now been changed so that each of the bubblers is represent by a chart position of 51=.

Secondly - the actual weeks that each of the singles were in the bubbler lists was not always available which meant we did not always have data for the "Date Peaked" and the "Date Left" columns on the spreadsheet and these were left blank. We have now been able to complete these

Finally, many of the entries that we had classified as "Extras", that is singles that appeared in an alternative chart but not in the official chart, were also in fact "Bubblers" on the official chart. So where necessary a “Bubbler” classification has been given preference to an “Extra” classification.

It was also obvious that the "Bubblers" should be placed on the spreadsheet immediately after the official entries rather than after the "Extras", where they have been. Bubblers have a more immediate connection to the official charts.

This data has now been corrected in the latest version of the spreadsheet and as a result a renumbering of the prefixes for the Bubblers and Extras is now necessary.

We appreciate this is a massive task hence the renumbering program which is now available for download. This program is fairly easy to use and will do all the necessary work to renumber your tracks with the correct prefixes.Provision has been made for all the years that the bubblers were active, 1966 to 1978, even though we appreciate that the bubblers for 1966, 1967, 1976, 1977 and 1978 have not been posted. However we are aware that some may have collected their own versions of these tracks. The program will allow the opportunity for the file names to be amended to the Britburn name. (The 1966 and 1967 bubbler tracks are scheduled to be posted as soon as possible and the 1976/77 and 1978 bubbler tracks will be part of the upgrade postings.)

New macro version available here:
http://www.britburn.co.uk/files/spreads ... mw.xls.zip

And non-macro version here:
http://www.britburn.co.uk/files/spreads ... nMacro.zip

Any questions, problems etc. leave a message here. We hope you get as much fun and enjoyment from the project as we've had putting it together.

Regards, The Britburn Team.

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Re: Spreadsheet v1.39

Postby jimbo2011 » Wed May 22, 2013 3:22 pm

Hi. At this stae it may be appropriate to thank Kirk and others for all the hard work that has gone into this. Even though I have added data to the spreadsheet over this period, this new one looks very impressive and at last corrected numbers for up to 1978 and no more need to fiddle with the existing numbers.

There will be more to come in future releases but a big thank you for this and keep up the hard work. :)

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