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Postby kirkm » Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:00 am

Whilst this version is still 'under development' its very exciting to finally see my original ideas working at speed and getting the exact results wanted. :D

I don't think any other VB programmers are members of the project (except perhaps Terry) but to expect anyone to understand, or add to, the code in the spreadsheet would have been a massive ask. I was not a GUI event-driven programmer at all, just knew a bit of Basic so it's been quite a trip over the years learning and getting the theoretical possible. There's some awfully bad stuff in the spreadsheet but prior to Britburn I'd never used Excel for anything ! It was all a real start from scratch.

My goal was the query ability/speed of Access and, once I realised, the flexibility and screen display of Excel.

We're finally there. And this new version should be about a month away. Apart from much better coding practices (the 'right' way to do things!), the main advantage is in the click-event reports - and how fast they appear. Plus a few new things like multi-option Search and Display.

The EP Charts will be fully implemented, and the next big advance will be in with Sheet Music and any 90s or later data that's to hand. Apart from new ways to find an artist, the ability to follow through to displays for 'Member of' and 'Also known as' is planned, with each art (or part of) assigned a unique identifier.

I hope all uses of the macro sheet will enjoy these new advances, and I'll have it ready as soon as possible.

I'd also like to thank the many data contributors, in particular Allen, Terry, James and Bert, plus the 90's and later guys (some of whom I don't know - Dirkw, imcal and others).

This is a great wee project, and immensely satisfying to see it grow and improve. :D

Cheers - Kirk

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Re: v99994

Postby jimbo2011 » Thu Nov 17, 2011 3:23 pm

Thanks Kirk for those kind words. Just to let you know I am till working on the extra data for 1983 and beyond. I hope to have 1983 extended data complete very soon.


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