Spreadsheet v 99992 due tomorrow

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Spreadsheet v 99992 due tomorrow

Postby kirkm » Sun Oct 02, 2011 2:44 pm

Hi All,

Our latest spreadsheet - v 99992 - will be posted tomorrow. There will be both macro and non macro versions, plus xls and xlsm macro workbooks for Excel.

It includes a new EP Charts sheet, and a number of new 1936-38 sheetmusic entries. Neither of these are fully complete yet, data-wise. It also incudes the Bubblers and Extras for the 1960s-80s. Bubblers are tracks that didn't quite make the charts and Extras are ones that uniquely charted in some the minor charts.

v9992 is needed for full functionality withe the latest Britburn tracks being posted - 1959 EPs, 1970s bubblers, plus the maxi singles of the era.

I anticipate some problems with the macros in this release, there's a lot of new and complex routines which are pushing boundries for (us) amateur programmers... but any bugs will be fixed as found. The .mdb Backend file is now mandatory, and does speed operation significantly.

I hope all who use the macro version will enjoy the newer features, and speed. Even though the xls file is approaching 60 MB and does take some time to load into Excel. The xlsm version is actually smaller in size, I'm guessing it compresses the data differently, or better.

The Whitburn sheet will now be in all versions (previously this was optional) but if it isn't wanted it can be easily removed. PM me is you need any help with this.

Cheers - Kirk

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