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More Exciting Developments

Postby Bassman » Sat Aug 20, 2011 4:06 pm

Hi All

We'll we've had Extras, originally just for NME but subsequently extended to capture most of the alternative charts prior to the introduction of the Official Chart in 1968.

We've added Sheet Music Charts covering the 1930's until their demise in 1965.

Kirk is working on the EP Charts from 1959 to 1967.

And now I would like to introduce - BUBBLERS.

From 1966 until 1978 Record Mirror/Record Retailer published a list of the singles that were expected to break through into the main chart the following week. As these tracks were "bubbling under" the main chart, we have settled on the name "Bubblers", and they have been added to the project.

As with the Extras we have a lot of "Radio" hits, plus the only appearances of some the UK's biggest album bands such as Caravan.

These will appear in the next version of the Spreadsheet at the end of each year from 1966 to 1978 (so there is no renumbering involved - phew :D ). There was a gap in 1969/1970 when they were not published - but this was a mid year to mid year gap so we have Bubblers for every year. Although in a lot of cases they didn't have an allocated number, for our purposes we have used the same criteria that we use for the main chart and they have been given a nominal chart position starting at 51.

The first set of Bubblers, for 1970, will be posted once the new Spreadsheet is available. Also we will hopefully be posting the first set of tracks from the EP Charts. For the rest of the 1970's these will appear with the main posting for each year. We've yet to decide on how we will handle the 1960's Bubblers.

Although the Bubblers per say ceased in 1978, they do reappear in the 1980's when they were officially published as chart positions 76 - 100 and were known as "The Next 25". These are being worked on as well.

We hope this adds to your enjoyment.


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