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Bug Report

Postby kirkm » Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:58 am

Thanks to RJT an interesting scenario has arisen! Or two of them actually :D

Playing a album Side A should play both Sides 1 & 2. However I'd
not done this in the new spreadsheet and only Side 1 would play. Corrected in v99989

RJT was getting errors when d-clicking 59_191. It turned out he had 16 tracks instead of the expected 12. Either we'd (incorrectly) included those extra 4 tracks in a Post, or they've been added into his Folder. Unfortunately, because those track titles aren't in the comment the spreadsheet fell over. I'd dealt with less/missing tracks, but not more !

A temp fix is to add them into the comment, but the syntax is quite critical. The track number must be first and the duration last. Also the last bracketed item should contain the composer names.

v99989 will also handle this situation - by ignoring any 'extra' mp3 filenames not in the comment. If you want to apply this fix now, it's one new line in Sub AnalyseAlbum

For i = 1 To UBound(Tracks)
SubID = getSubLetter(Tracks(i))
If SubID = "" Then
MsgBox "Error with Album filename" & vbLf & Tracks(i), , "MISSING Subletter": Stop
End If
tmp = Asc(SubID) - 96
If tmp > UBound(TracksCount) Then Exit For '<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ADD THIS LINE !!!!
If Len(SubID) = 2 Then tmp = tmp + Asc(Right(SubID, 1)) - 96
TracksCount(tmp) = TracksCount(tmp) + 1

Incidentally the LP version of 59_191 had 12 tracks, the later CD reissue had 16.

Cheers - Kirk

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