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Here's some...

Postby kirkm » Fri Apr 16, 2010 1:39 pm

In response the high number of messages here, we've decided to post a
special info list. 8)

Normally this would be called the FAQ , but in this case Welcome to our SAQ (Seldom Asked Questions!) :D

From the thousands received, seventeen of the most relevant have been selected: - 8)

Q: How do I find if you have 'Little Arrow' by Leapy Lee ?
A: Click J on the Britburn sheet, Press F3 and type "Little Arrows" in the Find Next Dialog

Q: My birthday is Jun 8 1962. What songs left the Chart on My Birthday?
A: Find your birthday in Britburn Column X and double click it.

Q: How many Brunswick releases charted in 1957?
A: Double click 'Brunswick' in Column "S", then choose 1957 from the Reports combo box. (Next spreadsheet release)

Q: How can I see the chart for 12 Dec, 2009?
A: We haven’t done 2009 yet, but to see an earlier year click the Britburn logo and enter the date.

Q: How Many Chart entries did Guy Mitchell have ?
A: Double click Guy's Name in the Artist Column. His total entries, 16, are presented chronologically

Q: How can I play all of Guy Mitchell’s B-Sides?
A: As above, then Click 'B' then the Playlist icon.

Q: How can I see the label and lyrics for 'All Shook Up'?
A: Find 'All Shook Up' and d-click the Serial number. Play, lyrics and label icons are live for all your resource files.

Q: How can I find the bitrate for my 'North to Alaska'?
A: Play it in Winamp - or d-click Artist, click Question Mark icon, Select mp3's, click Next question mark.

Q: How can I track each weeks chart progress for u52_005?
A: D-click serial number, then the chart Icon. This displays the first Peak position. Select Previous, or Next until 'Half As Much' isn't shown anymore. Then tracking continues for the currently selected song.

Q: How can I play the chart for 21 Jan 1966, in ascending order, and limit it to the Top 5 only?
A: Select Ascending, ChartPlay Limit 5 in User Configuration. Click Britburn Logo and enter 25 Jan
1966. Then click the playlist icon on the Charts Form.

Q: How do I play track 3, side 1 for G I Blues?
A: D-Click title 'GI Blues' (u60_327). Open your players playlist and d-click 'Frankfurt Special'

Q: When Tom Jones recorded "Delilah', who was the tea lady?
A: D-click Delilah serial, u68_023 and look under 'Other Session Personnel' (Next spreadsheet, but it was Dolly Milburn.)

Q: What mp3s do I still need to complete 1962?
A: User Configuration - Check Files. Select 1962 A or B side and Execute available options. (Upgraded features in next spreadsheet)

Q: How can I make my own All-Time Top 10 and Play it.
A: Enter a Genre name in Britburn Column CR for each row. D-Click one of the genre names.

Q: How can I randomly play every Billy Fury A and B-side?
A: Double click his Name in the Artist Column. Tick 'Include Both...' and 'Randomise Playlist' then click the Playlist icon.

Q: Your chart run for xxxyyy is wrong! How can I put it in an email and tell everybody?
A: D-Click serial. Click 'Copy to Clipboard'. Control-v into your email editor.

Q: Can I play every A-Side for 1957?
A: Yes - if you have them. D-Click the year (column A).

Cheers - Kirk

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