Bear Family CDs not ripping

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Bear Family CDs not ripping

Postby Theo » Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:57 am

Having ripped a large chunk of my CD collection, there are very few which I cannot obtain an 'Accurate' or 'Secure' reading of all the tracks on (Barbara Lyon on Vocalion and Emile Ford on Sanctuary were two which Kirk helped me out with). Even with multiple drives! The one consistent label with this problem is Bear Family and their box sets:

Connie Francis
White Sox, Pink Lipstick...And Stupid Cupid: Connie Francis in the 1950s - Disc 4, although a replacement disc from Bear rectified these tracks
Kissin, Twistin, Goin Where The Boys Are - Disc 1, the last two tracks. Even tried CueTools with the Repair function, and no luck - I guess because the number of Unrecoverable Frames exceeds a certain number, which the program needs to piece together the tracks.

Doris Day
Que Sera, Sera - all discs have problems, such as:
24 Tracks Ripped: 16 Accurate, 3 Secure (Warning), 4 Inaccurate, 1 Could Not Be Ripped
They sent me replacement discs, but the same error came up. Their customer service assistant says that when the CDs were produced, mp3 (etc) wasn't a consideration. That may be, but it doesn't stop CDs which are even older from ripping successfully.

Others have noted elsewhere that certain Bear sets are a problem, so it isn't just me. I wonder why it is peculiar to their releases. Perhaps at some point they identified the issue and fixed it. If CDs conform to the 'red book standard', they should rip without any problem, so maybe that has something to do with it.

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Re: Bear Family CDs not ripping

Postby Bassman » Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:35 pm


Are you ripping to MP3 or WAV?

If you are going direct to MP3 then it has to do extra decoding on the fly and that can cause a problem. I've had that with some CD's and found WAV usually sorts it out.


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