Lyrics & the Active Spreadsheet

Ah, the spoken word, and how it fits into the Britburn Project
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Lyrics & the Active Spreadsheet

Postby kirkm » Mon Mar 17, 2008 1:14 am


V995 of the spreadsheet is just about ready. Included is the ability to display both .txt and .lrc lyric files - in text mode.

Because 'MiniLyrics' is good - it searches and finds lyrics online, saves them to your HD (if you want), displays them in Karioake style and runs automatically with your audio player - it was almost unnecessary to duplicate this - or start our own lyrics collection.

However, it's been added anyway as an option, and can use the same files as MiniLyrics, as well as our collection. This will concentrate - over time - on the rarer tracks and 'B' sides that are unlikely to be in the ML database. Please post any you have to the newsgroups.

Check every so often for additions.

Cheers - Kirk

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