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Soundscan Data

Postby JoeClark » Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:01 am


I don't know if anyone has noticed yet but one of our topics in the Music News forum was removed a week ago. That followed a warning from ProBoards that they had been contacted by a representative from Soundscan who saw the topic had been gathering information that is technically owned by Soundscan and thus considered to be copyright. ProBoards or Pulse does not have permission to gather and post this information and thus it is against rules and regulations to have it. The Rules have been updated to include this in addition to our previous stance on mp3s. Therefore, posting data from Soundscan is now against Pulse rules and will be taken seriously.

Data from soundscan will only allowed to be discussed if it is directly given from a source. The source MUST be a reputable one and NOT from a blog or another message board. This means ukmix, for example, cannot be given as a source but an article posted on a site like Billboard can.
Also, direct links to outside sources that gather Soundscan information will not be allowed either, unless it is legal. This will be treated the same way as a link to an illegally posted mp3 website.

Anyone who doesn't follow the above guidelines will be warned with the possibility of a suspension or permanent ban. Just like our rule regarding mp3s, this is something that will be taken seriously because it not only risks yourselves but also the continuation of Pulse.

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Re: Soundscan Data

Postby ukcharts » Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:59 pm

Superfluous link and other non-pertinent post removed.

What has this to do with Britburn or "Artists and Groups Pictures"?
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