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Programs That May Help

Postby imcal » Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:26 am

Ok been looking for programs that may help to do some things quicker and have purchased programs but they havent really lived up to what they have promised so i kept looking and have discovered a few programs that work well..i will list them here so you guys can look at them.

mp3tag (FREE)

excellent program for tagging mp3, flac, ape and so on can if set up right rename folders, files take file names from folders and so on, has a excellent support forum and its FREE!.


Tag Scanner (FREE)

Whilst mp3tag will do what this does, this program can be easily configured to export all information to a txt file or html ideal for sticking a list on a web page etc..


Search & Replace Master (FREE)

Well not a must have but can come in useful point it at a folder, tell it what file to look at html, txt etc and you can search for a word and replace it or just search for it and flag it up useful for seeing if any of those cd`s you have ripped have failed by simply searching for "error or re-rip" etc


ReNamer by (Den4b) (FREE)

Can rename files and folders very easily it can clean up files and folders by various methods, but the best use i have found is...

Pick your year you are looking at say 1984 say if there was 423 releases create 423 folders by using creating 1 folder and then copy it over and over so you end up with 423 folders, then using excel just copy the info from the excel britburn sheet so say artist - title - year - cat - chart position etc, save that to a txt file then drag the 423 folders into ReNamer create a rule (userinput) and copy and paste that txt file into ReNamer and hey presto 423 empty folders named.

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Re: Programs That May Help

Postby ukcharts » Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:00 pm

I use a program that was originally written for audio-books called BookKeeper for all my listing and tagging needs

Any Britburn releases are tagged using a special function in the spreadsheet written by Kirk.

Anything to do with text files I use Textpad. It has a very powerful macro function and a search files for text capability. I also use it for any programming I do as it has language context awareness.

My favourite re-naming programme is "1-4a rename". Very small, very powerful.

All the above are also free.
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