1979 Serial Renumbering

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1979 Serial Renumbering

Postby kirkm » Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:39 am

While getting the 1979 A-Sides sorted for the initial newsgroup post, two were found to be absent. They're Double A sides which were listed as B sides only.
It means, after inclusion, a 1979 renumbering will be needed. Not such a problem as the tracks haven't been posted but it will affect any existing labels or lyrics (or mp3's).

u79_090 up to and including 79_219 increase by 1
u79_220 up to and including 79_552 increase by 2

u79_090 is now 'Ten Pole Tudor - Who Killed Bambi' Virgin VS 256
u79_220 is now 'Ten Pole Tudor - Rock Around The Clock' Virgin VS 290

Chart run statistics are identical to their A-Sides (79_089, 79_219, Sex Pistols)

The next spreadsheet will contain all amendments.

Cheers - Kirk

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